question: who is ariadoss?

ariadoss is the alter ego of danilo stern-sapad.

Photo of Danilo Stern-Sapad aka Ariadoss Hi, I'm Ariadoss aka Danilo Stern-Sapad. I'm multiracial and consider myself a citizen of the world. I'm a member of the Baha'i World Faith. As a Baha'i I believe in the oneness of humanity, equality of women and men, the elimination of all forms of prejudice, the independent investigation of the truth, and the harmony of science and religion. I'm also passionated about technology, design, marketing, story telling, and social justice.

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ariadoss is known for his tangential musings.

My Tangential Musings blog is gone but some of its content remains as I still share my thoughts on Medium.

ariadoss is a software and product leader.

I'm an expert at bridging product, engineering, and executive leadership to execute on business needs and acquire customers.

ariadoss is an experienced entrepreneur.

At 17 I recruited and managed a team of over 30 people to create what eventually became the 3rd most popular American gaming website (based on average session time), which received over 40 million hits/month (over 1 billion total), and was showcased in Family Circle magazine (top 10 US circulation). Traffic and media attention was a direct result of my SEO and social media efforts. I've also successfully optimized numerous highly trafficked websites for stability, speed, and top search engine rankings.

ariadoss is an enthusiastic storyteller.

Aside from my devout love for internet technologies I enjoy reading, writing, and analyzing speculative fiction. Some of my poetry, short stories, editorials, and essays have been published in various anthologies and magazines.

ariadoss is currently reading a book.

My favorite genre is fantasy, but I also love science fiction.

ariadoss is also staring at a screen.

My iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, TV, or a movie screen. The digital age has me addicted.